About Us

Welcome to MilitaryNetwork.org, your premier online community dedicated to serving military gamers from all branches of the United States armed forces, both past and present.

What began with nothing more than a few Marines on Xbox missing their buddies and a dream and a passion to unite military veterans through a common pastime, has evolved into a vibrant, far-reaching community that has achieved bringing together Military past and present from all gaming platforms together again.


MilitaryNetwork.org exists to bring US Military gamers together and to give back to those who were willing to give all.

MilitaryNetwork.org is dedicated to promoting a healthy gaming lifestyle by providing US service members who share a common interest in a gaming community in which they’re comfortable to be who they are, share their stories, and socialize with those who truly understand where they’ve been and what they’ve been through, because they’ve been there too. We provide our members with guidance and support for member-run gaming efforts throughout dozens of games, from the most popular titles to the obscure. We also provide veterans benefits assistance and PTSD outreach programming as well through non-profit and charitable endeavors.

Some brief highlights of our community:

  • A brand you recognize, and a name you can trust.
  • All members are current and former US military VETTED through common sense questioning.
  • Gaming industry outreach with the purpose of increasing awareness and recognition of veterans within the gaming population, as well as to provide direct feedback and advice on military subject matter to developers who can trust that they’re speaking with actual US military veterans.
  • 100% service-verified US military staff dedicated to supporting our members around-the-clock.
  • Members that hail from all branches of the US armed forces, of all service statuses, rates, ranks, specialty fields, gender, and walks of life.
  • Active social media presence including Facebook, Discord, and Mixer.
  • A stream team on Mixer.com dedicated to working on making common veterans issues aware to the mixer community as well as being a safe place for fellow military personnel to come watch and hang out.
  • Community-run Game Branches covering a wide variety of games across all major gaming platforms.
  • Discord server open to our community 24/7.
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